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Call for abstracts: Session on Family and intimate relationships at the Swedish Sociological association conference

We invite you to send in abstracts to the session Family and intimate relationships, at the Swedish Sociological association Sociologidagarna 2018!

The research group works with critical studies of family and personal relationships on different – and interrelated – levels: politics/policy, practices and discourses. We are especially interested in recent developments within the field that, through taking a point of departure in concepts such as family practices, personal life, and family display, have opened up for the possibilities of new empirical focuses as well as theoretical challenges and innovations. Specific issues that the group is concerned with includes, for example, intimacy, connectedness, relationality, kinship, couples, sexuality, gender, children, parenthood and grandparenting, as well as how social division, inequality and difference are experienced and reproduced in contexts of, and discourses on, family and personal relationships. We are also interested in the development of innovative research methods in the field of intimacy and personal life.

Deadline for abstract: 1 November 2017

Datum: 7 mars 2018 - 9 mars 2018
Plats: Lund
Typ: Conference
Arrangör: MKON
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