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PhD course in Gender, Power, and Identity – in a local and global perspective

In this PhD course, gender, power and identity and their conceptual history will be presented and critically discussed in relation to current societal development.

The course will have two main perspectives: development. The PhD course will have two main perspectives: the first perspective concerns the question of gendered power relations seen in a globalized and transnational perspective. The second perspective is about one of the forces shaping gender relations at various levels, namely neo-liberalism (New Public Management) and the regulation of affect.

Deadline for registration: 2 October, 2017. If you want to submit a paper, abstract must be included in the registration (max 300 words).

Datum: 22 november 2017 - 24 november 2017
Plats: Copenhagen
Typ: Course
Arrangör: Aalborg University
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