About the Secretariat

The central aim of the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research is to strengthen the impact of research and knowledge related to gender and gender equality in academia and the rest of society.

The Secretariat was inaugurated in 1998 as part of a major Swedish parliamentary initiative for research with a gender perspective. It was placed at the University of Gothenburg and operates under the direction of the Swedish government. Our work is centred around two focus areas: gender research and gender equality. The overall task is to support and promote the research field on a broad scale and to promote the importance of the gender perspective. We do this by analysing and disseminating information about a great range of issues related to gender research. We arrange forums, conferences and seminars within and outside academia, for and between researchers, funders and decision makers. Every other year, we arrange Sweden’s largest gender research conference.

We interact closely with the research community and follow the development of national research policy. Another important area is the position of Swedish gender research internationally, as well as gender and gender equality perspectives on Nordic and European research policy. Our vision is, “using  knowledge and critical perspectives, we challenge power structures and push the boundaries of what society is possible.”

Since 2008, the Secretariat has carried out several specific assignments in the gender equality field on behalf of for example the Swedish government and the Nordic Council of Ministers. The assignments include dissemination of knowledge and promotion and support of gender mainstreaming, which refers to the strategy to integrate the gender equality perspective in all decision making. We provide qualified information material, arrange inquiries and develop reports, and also offer project and organisation support and training, with a particular focus on government agencies and the higher education sector.

Dissemination of knowledge

As we aim to strengthen the impact of research and knowledge related to gender and gender equality, communication and dissemination of knowledge are key components of our work. We present research results in a non-academic format to the public and disseminate knowledge about gender equality work.

Our main channels of communication are digital, but we also arrange public lectures, seminars and panel debates, often in partnership with other organisations and government agencies. Read more about our dissemination under ‘Our channels’.

The Secretariat also produces new knowledge. We explore and write reports on the contributions and needs of gender research, and analyse and describe the effects of developments and initiatives in national policy for the field of gender research. See publications under ‘Our Publications’ in the left side menu.