Our assignments

The Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research is commissioned by the Swedish government to promote gender research in the college- and university sector.

Our central task is to support and promote the research field and bring attention to gender perspectives. We do this by analysing and disseminating information about a wide range of issues related to gender research, and we have several temporary assignments within our area of expertise.

We arrange forums, conferences and seminars within and outside academia, for and between researchers, funders and decision makers. Every other year, we arrange Sweden’s largest gender research conference.

We interact closely with the research community and follow the development of national research policy. Another important area is the position of Swedish gender research internationally, as well as gender and gender equality perspectives on Nordic and European research policy.

The Secretariats main activity areas are:

  • Analysis and investigation: We produce analyses, reports and information material concerning for example the current situation in research, the organisation of gender research and past and present policy initiatives related to gender and gender equality issues. We also initiate and carry out research in cooperation with other actors.
  • Outreach and collaboration: The Secretariat creates platforms for meetings and cooperation between actors in our focus areas. We arrange forums, networks, conferences and seminars within and outside academia for researchers, funders, decision makers and the general public.

The Secretariat is involved in assignments and projects of both short- and long-term nature. Our partners and commissioning bodies can be found both nationally and at the Nordic and European levels, and include the Swedish government and the Nordic Council of Ministers. We see cooperation as critical to increased impact. Actors we partner with include gender research environments, Swedish Association for Gender Studies and Nordic and European sister organisations.

For over ten years, we have collaborated with KvinnSam – the national resource library for gender studies – regarding the three databases Gena (PhD thesis) and Greda (gender researchers). The partnership is yielding vast synergy effects and is an important resource for the Secretariat.

The communication network that we are part of together with our Nordic neighbours, NING, is in charge of the GenderkalenderN project, which aims to gather information about events, funding opportunities and job vacancies in the Nordic countries. The network is also used for inter-Nordic discussions, exchange of best practice and other forms of cooperation.

Staff from the Secretariat participate regularly in various expert groups and boards, in the areas of both gender research and gender equality:

  • Advisory Board for GENDER ACTION – Gender Equality in the ERA Community to Innovate Policy Implementation, EU, H2020.
  • The Expert Forum for the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE).
  • The Expert Group on Gender Equality in Higher Education, coordinated by the Research Minister.
  • SAMGE, the Consultative Group for Sweden’s Gender and Gender Equality Work in the European Research Cooperation.
  • The Board of Directors at the Swedish Gender Research Association (SGF).