Swedish Conference on Gender Research

The g-conferences are organised every other year by the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research in collaboration with various Swedish universities. The next g-conference will be held in Gothenburg 7–9 October 2019.

In 2012, the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research resumed a tradition of arranging recurring national gender conferences by organising the g12 conference in Gothenburg.

Two years later, the g14 conference was organised in collaboration with UCGS at Umeå University, and then g16 was arranged in 2016 together with Gender Studies (TEMAG) at Linköping University. The Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research will organise the next g-conference in Gothenburg 7–9 October 2019.

The ambition is to host a g-conference every other year with an aim to gather the broad and interdisciplinary field of gender research in Sweden today in order to facilitate critical investigation, sharing of experiences and formation of new ideas and research constellations. The conferences target mainly researchers but are open to anyone.

The conference themes and keynote sessions are discussed by a scientific committee. The conferences consist of the presentations of abstracts submitted by researchers, activists and practitioners in the areas of gender and gender equality.