Our main assignment: gender research

The central task of the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research is to strengthen the impact of research and knowledge related to gender and gender equality in academia and the rest of society. In addition, the Secretariat is in charge of several large projects. To learn more about the projects, go to the list in the left hand menu.

Excerpt from our official government assignment:

‘The Secretariat shall, in close dialogue with the research community, serve as a platform for interaction within the broad field of Swedish gender research, as well as promote dissemination of research findings to the public in a non-academic format. Through analysis and research-based knowledge production, the Secretariat shall strengthen and develop the prospects for effective gender research. The Secretariat shall carry out activities and undertake assignments and collaboration projects that aim to strengthen the research domain. Internationalisation and the position of Swedish gender research internationally, in terms of cooperation, networks, scholarly publications and research grants, shall be considered a prioritised area.

The Secretariat shall promote and make available both empirically based and critically problematising research and other knowledge that may contribute to gender equality work that is firmly grounded in knowledge. By actively planning and undertaking analytical and development-oriented assignments as well as gender equality projects of more concrete nature, such as process support and commissioned training, the Secretariat shall contribute to the development of gender equality as a practical, political and epistemological field within academia and society at large. Nordic and European cooperation enriches the national assignment.’