Gender mainstreaming, University of Gothenburg

In the autumn of 2015, the University of Gothenburg launched a 4-year programme to gender mainstream its operations. The Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research will provide support during the initial stages of the programme.

The initiative aims to initiate, strengthen and further develop the University’s gender mainstreaming efforts. The work will focus on gender mainstreaming of existing management control systems, support processes and the core activity areas with an aim to create the structural conditions necessary for gender equality. The tasks include gender mainstreaming of decisions, budgets, operational planning/review, HR, economic administration, communication as well as the core activity areas research, education and outreach/cooperation. The goal is for the entire University to be analysed from the outside and for the whole organisation to be permeated by a gender equality perspective.

One Department from each Faculty will serve as a pilot for the project. In these Departments, one coordinator teamed with a working group will analyse select areas, such as routines for research funding, assessment processes, the provision of education and issues related to conditions of employment and career paths. The coordinators from the different Departments form a development group that will identify challenges and good ways to carry out the work, with the assistance of the Secretariat.

The work related to the University’s new action plan, annual report and semi-annual management dialogues will also be analysed from a gender and gender equality perspective. The strategic HR work is another prioritised component of the University’s gender mainstreaming efforts in 2016.

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