Our competence

The Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research has a staff with expertise in for example investigation, analysis, coordination, research, communication and education.

We have many years of experience within our focus area gender in research. The expertise we have built up over the years gives us a capacity to both take on new assignments and support ongoing processes in partner organisations.

We develop qualified knowledge material and reports on for example research policy and the organisation of gender research. The Secretariat has a long experience of disseminating information in a non-academic format to the public and has extensive expertise in fields such as journalism, social media, web development and database management. This enables us to take on communication-intensive assignments and projects, such as development of knowledge portals and arrangement of large events. Examples include GenderKalenderN.org, Jämställ.nu (that is now transferred to the Swedish Gender Equality Agency) as well as recurring gender research conferences.

The Secretariat also has access to a wide network of relevant actors in the field. We have good knowledge of gender research in Sweden and the other Nordic countries and are well connected with researchers and other experts in a wide range of fields. Thus, we can help when someone needs to find for example a lecturer, investigator or interviewee for a certain task. The Secretariat’s own staff are regular participants in panels, debates and dialogues, and can also be used as moderators.