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Gender conference g19: Rethinking Knowledge Regimes: Solidarities and Contestations

The g19 conference in Gothenburg 7-9 October 2019 seeks to bring together the broad and interdisciplinary field that constitutes gender studies in Sweden today. It addresses the current societal challenges at both local and global levels and enquires about how gender studies can contribute to analysing the major events in the contemporary world.

The g-conferences is arranged every other year at different universities in Sweden, in collaboration with the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research. When g16 was arranged in 2016 in Linköping, the conference gathered the entire broad and interdisciplinary field of gender research in Sweden.
More information about g19 and Call for papers will come in June 2018.

Date: 7 October 2019 - 9 October 2019
Location: Gothenburg
Type: Conference
Organiser: Nationella sekretariatet för genusforskning