Anti-racist feminism in Sweden

2014-11-18 14:35

During the conference "Nordiskt Forum Malmö 2014 - New Action on Women's Rights", the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research had a showcase booth where visitors could share on Instagram what they felt passionate about. Many visitors shared a passion for anti-racist feminism. Based on the involvement and interest during Nordiskt Forum 2014, the Secretariat has published a series of articles on anti-racist feminism in Sweden.

The first article maps the emergence of anti-racist feminism in Sweden and how Swedish gender research has combatted topics such as honour related violence, whiteness norms and intersectionality from the 2000s onward.

The second article connects a global struggle for anti-racism and feminism to the Swedish debate. What binds Sweden to Turkey, South America and the DRC?

The third article is a snapshot of the current debate in 2014, when the xenophobic party the Swedish Democrats (in Swedish Sverigedemokraterna) obtained 13 percent of the votes in the latest general election. Both anti-racist feminist activist and gender researchers call for new measures to combat racism and sexism.

Author Ulrika Helldén
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