Evaluation of the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research showing positive results

2014-09-25 08:21

Nine out of ten say they would recommend others to turn to the Secretariat with gender and gender equality matters.

This is the conclusion of an evaluation carried out by Oxford Research on request by the University of Gothenburg. The evaluation focused on both external operations and the internal organisation, and data was collected via document studies, questionnaires and interviews.

“The Secretariat is a unique resource”

The most important conclusion of the evaluation is that the Secretariat is a well-functioning organisation that has managed to achieve good results during a period of considerable growth. The evaluation focuses on the years 2009-2013, a period when the Secretariat received several external assignments, including IncludeGender.orgGender Mainstreaming in Government Agencies – GMGA, and NIKK – Nordic Information on Gender. An expansion of this calibre is not possible without an effective organisation, and the evaluation shows that both the external commissioning bodies and the target groups are happy with the Secretariat’s work.

The Secretariat is particularly good at disseminating relevant information of high quality and at a suitable level for the Secretariat’s many different target groups, according to the evaluation. The target groups have a very positive view of the Secretariat’s ability to disseminate knowledge about gender and gender equality. Several interviewed persons describe the Secretariat as a unique resource.

‘I’m very pleased that the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research has made Swedish gender research visible and that they have brought attention to gender equality issues,’ says Pam Fredman, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Gothenburg.

Large growth potential

In order for the organisation to continue growing, Oxford Research points to several areas where there is still room for improvement. Refining and clarifying the Secretariat’s strengths and identity is one such area. Other suggestions include developing a model for result control and improving the strategic planning of the Secretariat’s focus. As the Secretariat has a significant growth potential, Oxford Research recommends that it should focus on creating sustainable management structures.

‘It’s of course great to hear that people are satisfied with our work,’ says Director Kerstin Alnebratt. ‘However, the evaluation also shows that the Secretariat has a good growth potential and could reach even further. We have already initiated the work to reinforce the organisation and management so that we can continue growing.’

Author Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research. Translation: Debbie Axlid
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