Expert from the Secretariat to the Council of Europe

2014-09-16 08:26

Lillemor Dahlgren at the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research has been selected to represent Sweden in the Council of Europe's Gender Equality Commission (GEC). As a member of GEC, she hopes to be able to contribute to the gender mainstreaming work in the member states, but also to bring new experiences back to Sweden.

GEC was established in connection with a reorganisation of the Council of Europe. Prior to the change, a committee with officials from the 47 countries in the Council worked to support the development towards gender equality in the member states. The intention with GEC was to have it consist of experts instead of government officials and assign it the task of gender mainstreaming all aspects and activities of the Council of Europe.

According to the initial decision, GEC would consist of 16 experts. Yet it was soon proposed that all member states should be able to participate in GEC meetings. As a result, GEC developed into a hybrid consisting of both experts and officials from different countries.

‘Will do a great job in the Commission‘

Each member state selects one person to represent the country in GEC. The Swedish government appointed Lillemor Dahlgren because of her experience as head of and Gender Mainstreaming in Government Agencies – GMGA.

‘We believe that Lillemor, with her extensive experience of gender mainstreaming work, will do a great job in the Commission,’ says Annika Mansnérus, advisor at the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research and Swedish focal point for GEC.

Dahlgren is looking forward to the sharing of experiences in CEG.

‘Swedish expertise is usually considered valuable in these contexts since it is generally held that we have come a long way in the area of gender equality. We can for example show a whole bunch of examples of how public organisations can work with gender mainstreaming. But I’m of course also looking forward to learning new things from other countries, things we can apply in our work at home,’ she says.

Author Cecilia Köljing. Translation: Debbie Axlid
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