Fundings for excellent gender research

2006-08-23 09:40

The Swedish Research Council offers funding for what have been called Centers of Gender Excellence. The funds may amount to four million SEK per year for five years.

– The increased funding from the most recent research bill makes it possible to invest more ambitiously, says Gunnel Gustafsson, Vice Director-General at the Swedish Research Council.

Through the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish government earmarks funds for gender research. In the last few years, 10 million SEK per year have been earmarked. But according to the research bill passed by the Swedish Riksdag in 2005, the funds for gender research were increased by 12 million SEK for the period of 2007-2008. This means that in 2008, the total amount available for gender research will amount to 22 million SEK per year.

In the calls for Centers of Gender Excellence, gender researchers are requested to develop and increase their international collaborative efforts.

– Gender research has grown strong in Sweden, but we believe it can become even more successful through research collaboration within Europe, says Gunnel Gusfasson, Vice Director-General at the Swedish Research Council.

– Such collaboration would give access to project funding and maybe also to funds from the recently formed European Research Council. It should also be possible to allocate planning funds to leading researchers and promising groups so that these groups will be able to take their projects a step further before the next announcement of funds.

The applications will be evaluated by an international non-Nordic research panel.

Source The article is also published in the journal Gender Research in Sweden.
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