Gender research in the European Parliament

2012-04-23 11:25

The gender perspective is poorly represented in the new EU research programme proposed by the European Commission, Horizon 2020. To shed light on the importance of gender research, the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research and Vinnova will hold a seminar in the European Parliament on 26 April.

The new research programme will go into effect in 2014, and the draft presented by the European Commission has been criticised for only emphasising a balance between men and women in the allocation of research funding. The need for a gender perspective in the actual research is hardly addressed at all.

‘Discussions about gender in research have generally concerned the need for more female researchers. It’s like if we can only solve that problem, then everything else will fall into place. Women are looked upon partly as a resource and partly as those who add a different perspective. The women are supposed to bring in the gender perspective,’ says Minna Salminen-Karlsson in an interview in the newsletter Genusperspektiv 6/2011. She is a Assistant Professor in Sociology and a member of the Swedish Research Council’s expert group on gender.

At the seminar, titled Gender Research Improving Europe, Ioana Borza from the European Institute for Gender Equality, EIGE, will present a new report on gender and climate that EIGE has produced for the Danish EU presidency. The two researchers Gotelind Alber from Germany and Annika Carlsson-Kanyama from Sweden will also highlight the importance of gender research in climate politics.

Kerstin Alnebratt, Director of the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research, will talk about how gender can help expand the view of innovation, and Vinnova’s representative in Brussels, Dan Andrée, will present a report on gender and innovation.
The seminar will conclude with a panel discussion with representatives from the European Commission and the European Parliament.

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