Guidelines for gender mainstreaming Academia

2016-06-22 14:24

The work with the assignment to gender mainstream academia continues! On June 8 the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research arranged a second network meeting for sharing experiences between the universities assigned by the government to develop their work with gender mainstreaming. The focus at the network meeting was organisation and problem assessment. What gender inequality challenges will be addressed? How is the assignment organized? What has been done and what is left to implement?

The Secretariat presented guidelines to support the universities that are going to initiate or develop their work of gender mainstreaming.

– The purpose of the guidelines is to facilitate the establishment of gender mainstreaming, for example during problem assessment, prioritization and organisation. We want to emphasize that this is one of several possible interpretations of the assignment. The universities are the experts in their own organisations and they have to do the work, says Boel Kristiansson, project coordinator of the assignment.

The guidelines are based on the Secretariat’s experiences from the related project Gender Mainstreaming in Government Agencies (GMGA), as well as the latest research on and evaluation of gender mainstreaming in public administration.

Download Guidelines for gender mainstreaming Academia here

The Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research was commissioned by the Swedish government to support all state-funded higher education institutions as well as Chalmers University of Technology and Jönköping University in their gender mainstreaming efforts 2016–2019. The assignment was transferred to the Swedish Gender Equality Agency Januaru 1, 2018.

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