Middle managers as change agents

2010-01-20 13:55

The English popular version of the Swedish project Middle managers as change agents is now available for purchase or free download.


“Why are the men expected to be the ones doing the talking at meetings? Why, when minutes have to be taken, are women expected to take on the secretarial role? And why is the word “innovation” often associated with technology and male norms? These are all questions the participants in Fiber Optic Valley’s Gender Network asked themselves in this project involving three years of practical work on gender equality hand in hand with gender research. Meet some of the members in the Gender Network, the production manager who split up single sex teams and the head of department who realised she had the power to create change just by the way she allocated tasks. Changes like this make better opportunities for both men and women to develop and grow. At the same time they may lead to workplaces which are more efficient, achieving higher creativity and creating new business opportunities.”

The organisation Fiber Optic Valley is a research and innovation environment with its centre in Hudiksvall, Sweden.

This publication is published by the Research and Development project the Gender Network at Fiber Optic Valley. The project is financed by Vinnova (the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems).

Written by: Susanne Andersson, Eva Amundsdotter, Marita Svensson, Ann-Sofie Däldehög

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