NIKK moves to Sweden

2012-10-16 10:55

Nordic information on gender equality policy and research will be co-ordinated by the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research in the future, the Nordic Council of Ministers has decided.

The Nordic Gender Institute, NIKK, was closed down on 31 December 2011 as an independent institute following a decision by the Nordic ministers for gender equality. NIKK had been located at the University of Oslo since 1995. Now NIKK is going to be transformed into a co-operative body which means that NIKK will be located in another institution. The aim is to save money in ways that will release funds for other activities in Nordic gender equality co-operation.

During the spring of 2012 the Nordic Council of Ministers issued a tender to host the new NIKK, which is now called the Nordic Information for Gender Knowledge. The Council of Ministers has now decided to place NIKK at the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research.

“This is very gratifying and inspiring”, says Kerstin Alnebratt, Director, Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research.

“It is a delicate task to gather and disseminate information and research from all the Nordic countries, but we will enjoy the benefits of the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research’s Nordic networks”, she said.

The budget is less than half of the old NIKK’s budget and there will only be funding for two permanent members of staff.

Research, policy and practice

NIKK’s assignment will be to gather and disseminate national research, policy and practice in the area of gender equality in a Nordic perspective to a broad group of interested parties. Comparative information on current equality and gender research in the whole Region will be communicated. The aim is that the knowledge shared will serve as a basis for policy discussions in the Nordic countries and internationally.

The information will mainly be communicated through a website but NIKK will also help start discussions in Nordic networks for gender research and gender equality policies.

Nordic comparisons

Another task for NIKK will be to create clear comparisons in different areas, where the different countries’ situations, achievements and research can be compared.

“We will take advantage of the competencies and collaborations that exist in the Nordic Region in the areas of research and gender equality”, says Kerstin Alnebratt.

NIKK will also act as a project secretariat for the implementation of various activities in Nordic gender equality co-operation.

“We are looking forward to employing more people for temporary projects that build knowledge in certain areas and propose measures which politicians and other stakeholders can use as a foundation”, says Kerstin Alnebratt.

NIKK will recruit staff during the autumn and the aim is for the new NIKK to be operational at the beginning of 2013.

Author Bosse Parbring
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