Queer political struggles in Trikster

2010-02-04 08:35

The fourth issue of "Trikster - Nordic Queer Journal" focuses on present queer political struggles.The fourth issue of Trikster - Nordic Queer Journal focuses on present queer political struggles.

Editor Mathias Danbolt writes: “Despite the critics who describe feminist and queer critique as a thing of the past, the problems in the here and now are just too many to put radical politics to an end.”

Articles in the issue

Tobias Raun: Denmark – A Transgender Paradise? Narrations and negotiations of trans masculinity in Nobody Passes Perfectly
Jan Wickman: Queer Activism: What Might That Be?
Mika Nielsen: Ett kapitalt misstag. Behovet av en queer antikapitalism
Mathias Danbolt: Back to the Darkroom, Please! Disrupting the History of Progress in As I Am: LGBT in Cph
Rikke Platz Cortsen: Provokerende kærester, armhuler og en lille smule AIDS
Kristina Nya Glaffey: Padder og krybdyr
Viktor Johansson: Önskepapporna
Heidi Lunabba: Studio Vilgefortis Copenhagen

Author Charlie Olofsson
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