Report on women and men in higher education

2009-04-01 13:08

Swedish National Agency for Higher Education has recently produced a report on women and men in higher education. Focusing on developments in the last 10 years, the report gives a current and comprehensive picture of the paths followed by women and men through the education system, career paths in the academic community and elsewhere, and it also makes international comparisons.

Gender equality involves giving men and women equal terms, and the same freedom to choose their education and occupations. The fundamental idea underlying the quality aspect is that the values, experience, views and living conditions of both sexes are to determine the norms and patterns that govern operations and the organisational structure, and the way in which processes in education and research are to be formulated. The quality concept may also involve society’s need to utilise the skills and abilities of both sexes to achieve the highest quality in a research context.

/Quoted from the summary in Women and men in higher education, report 2008:48

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