Teaching with gender

2010-01-11 08:40

The final book in the "Teaching with gender"-series is now released. The eight books focus on learning and teaching in the interdisciplinary field of gender studies.

The books are published by ATHENA3, the Advanced Thematic Network in Women’s Studies in Europe, and the Graduate Gender Programme at Utrecht University together with the Centre for Gender Studies of Stockholm University. All of the books can be read for free online (follow the link below).


1. Teaching Gender, Diversity and Urban Space. An Intersectional Approach between Gender Studies and Spatial Disciplines. Edited by Anastasia-Sasa Lada

2. Teaching Gender in Social Work. European Women’s Studies in International and Interdisciplinary Classrooms. Edited by Vesna Leskošek

3. Teaching Subjectivity. Travelling Selves for Feminist Pedagogy

4. Teaching with the Third Wave. New Feminists’ Explorations of Teaching and Institutional Contexts

5. Teaching Visual Culture in an Interdisciplinary Classroom. Feminist (Re)Interpretations of the Field

6. Teaching Empires. Gender and Transnational Citizenship in Europe

7. Teaching Intersectionality. Putting Gender at the Centre

8. Teaching with Memories. European Women’s Histories in International and Interdisciplinary Classrooms (Previously published by ATHENA and the Women’s Studies Center at NUI Galway).

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