Trans person/trans

The term trans can be used as an abbreviation of trans person and then serves as an umbrella term. Trans persons violate society’s norms and expectations regarding gender, gender expression and gender identity. A person’s gender identity or gender expression does not correspond to the legal gender the person was assigned at birth.

Trans activism refers to movements that reject the binary gender norm and demand that nobody should be forced to adjust any aspect of their life to it. Transfeminism originated from, and is currently intertwined with, trans activism. Transfeminism is a tradition of ideas that includes trans persons and transexperiences in the analysis and challenges the notions about gender and gender affiliation that are essential to feminism. The participation of trans persons and transfeminism in feminist domains has historically been met with resistance or negligence, something that is still occurring yet to a less extent.

One way to handle the term trans without committing oneself to specific meanings is to include an asterisk (trans*). Thus, sometimes the term is written for example as trans*feminism and trans*studies. This makes the term dynamic and enables writers to expand it to cover more people and other contexts.