Swedish impact in SwafS

The Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research is a member of an advocacy platform aimed to boost the impact of Science with and for Society, SwafS.

SwafS is a Horizon 2020 sub-programme that promotes and funds effective cooperation between research/innovation and other sectors of society, with a particular focus on the areas of gender equality, public engagement, ethics, science education, open access/open science and RRI governance. The platform gathers about 40 actors with expertise in all SwafS domains.

The ambitions include to increase the Swedish participation in SwafS projects, increase the Swedish representation in reference groups at EU level, increase the awareness of the SwafS domains in Sweden and increase the impact of the domains in the rest of Horizon 2020. The Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research has a coordinating function in the platform, and activities are planned in both Brussels and Sweden. A new website will serve as a contact node and knowledge base. The work will be carried out in 2016–2018.

Contact information
Fredrik Bondestam, Research Coordinator Mobile: +46(0)766-22 92 38 Email: fredrik.bondestam@genus.gu.se