g16: Linköping planning big gender party

2016-08-19 13:58

The registration for Sweden’s largest gender conference g16 is now open! This year the event will be held in Linköping. Conference coordinator Silje Lundgren tells us why.

‘The Unit of Gender Studies at Linköping University is a major gender research hub with a lot of activity. We also have a strong international profile with many visiting researchers, which fits well with this year’s conference theme,’ says Silje Lundgren.

The theme of this year’s conference is boundaries, mobility and mobilisation.

‘As for the theme, the conference’s scientific committee did not consider any other alternatives. There’s a lot going on in the world right now when it comes to for example climate issues, the refugee situation and the persecution and terrorising of LGBT persons. Gender research is a field that interacts continuously with the rest of society and the world, and the theme of the conference is a challenge and a call to gender researchers to discuss how we can keep dealing with these major issues,’ she says.

The conference is co-arranged with the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research. Silje Lundgren points out that several local actors will also be involved, including Linköping Municipality, which will help fund the event.

‘I think it’s fantastic that the city is backing us up. Linköping wants to gain an edge as a city that supports these types of event. They are also investing a lot in the Linköping Rainbow Week, which will be held later this year together with RFSL Linköping, and in an antiracist city-for-all project that is currently underway. These types of bridges between LGBT and antiracist initiatives are exactly what we are trying to create space for also at the g16-conference,’ she says.

Silje Lundgren says that various outreach activities in Linköping are also being planned for the conference weekend 23–25 November. The programme includes a norm-critical city walking tour, library events, film showings and the display of a new exhibition on (in)security in the public space.

g16 is open to everybody; researchers, students, activists and practitioners are all welcome to register. Linköping has just been appointed student city of the year by the Swedish National Union of Students. Silje Lundgren believes it is an important and exciting challenge to make the conference accessible to a broad public so that as many people as possible can take part in the activities held in connection with the event.

‘We have booked some large facilities and it’s our ambition to also be able to offer some parts of the conference programme to a broader public, hopefully at no cost. And we’re planning to host a party that will be open to not only conference guests. It’s my hope to create a meeting place for more people than just gender researchers!’

The conference will be held in accessible facilities and will be sign language interpreted.

Author Anneli Tillberg, translated by Debbie Axlid
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