The Danish Kvinfo library threatened by closure

2017-03-23 15:21

On Monday 20 March, the Danish Minister of Culture decided to close the library function of Kvinfo, Denmark's equivalent to the Swedish Secretariat of Gender Research, and to move its collections to the Danish Royal Library.

In a statement published in Danish on, the board of Kvinfo says:

– Kvinfo’s library is not merely a collection of books and magazines. It is to an equal extent the dedicated employees, who have a deep and thorough familiarity with the available knowledge of gender equality, both in our own collections and elsewhere in the world. You cannot remove a library without weakening the function as a knowledge centre for gender equality, and thereby Kvinfo’s work for gender equality in Denmark.

In the Nordic context, the Danish knowledge centre Kvinfo has been a noticeable and important source of knowledge-based gender policies. The Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research fears that the decision to close down Kvinfo’s library will have consequences not only for Denmark but also for the Nordic cooperation. The Nordic cooperation is in need of independent knowledge dissemination, including the field of gender.

A Facebook event, Bevar Kvinfo, is launched to gather support for the preservation of Kvinfo’s library.

Author Jimmy Sand
Photo Niels Bak Henriksen / Kvinfo
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